May 20, 2017


Mother nature was NOT working in our favor this day. Once the wind finally stopped trying to blow me over the sun would hide behind the clouds and we would have to change settings. Then the moment the settings were right the sun would come back out. Needless to say there were lots of laughs and Marcus Charles managed to get a few genuine smiles out of me which is hard to do so hats off to him.

I am kinda in love with this skirt. I have owned it for quite some time. It was initially a purchase I made when I was thinking about opening a vintage shop in Alexandria a few years ago (still hope to one day). I have so many desires in my heart that it is really difficult to set a plan of action for how I am going to achieve them. I know that I want to be a fashion entrepreneur but the industry in DC is pretty much limited to retail management. I was a retail manager for Nordstrom for quite some time but it was never quite fulfilling. I liked aspects of the job but I wanted to be my own boss. I have always had a desire to work for myself. Owning a vintage store has been on my mind since childhood, but I also love styling & merchandising and hope to be doing all three under the hat of my own business. 

This is my millionth time trying to maintain a blog. I always get discouraged and quit after a month or so because I feel like I'm not stylish enough. Like why would anyone be inspired by my blog when the top influencers are wearing designer and flying all across the globe to shoot in vogue/etc? Or I would let my current job and the stress of it get in the way of shooting new content. This time I am going in completely open-minded because what I am starting to realize is that what is meant for me is for me. I cannot compare my beginning to someone else's middle. My journey is just that, MINE. Yes I thought by this time in my life I would be thriving in my career, engaged/married, possibly buying a home and talking about having kids but that's just not where I am. I am single, in a job that has nothing to do with fashion, and still living in my parents home. But guess what, I am [RIGHT HERE ]for a reason. Whatever the lesson I am to learn in this season is in preparation for my next season. So to anyone else who is feeling discouraged about where they are in life as opposed to where they think they should be; just know that you are not alone and that you are in this season for a purpose. Learn the lesson and be grateful. There are many people who wish they could be you. So stop comparing yourself to others and just focus on walking in your purpose. Thanks for stopping by!!!