July 30, 2017


| Dress: Aqua | Shoes: Zara | 

If I could live in one color for the rest of my life it would be black. It all began when I started at a new school for freshman year of high. Of course everyone changes schools for high school but I like to be in environments  and around people that I am familiar and this I was not. There were a ton of changes going on at the time; we moved out of my childhood home, new area, new school, had to make new friends. A lot for a girl with a mild case of anxiety to take in. So, my angst sky rocketed to an all time high and caused me to start perspiring a ton. In order to hide it I wore black. And that was the beginning of my hiding in comfort zones. Now that I think about it this probably began my battle with hiding in the shadows and shying away from social settings. I didn't want anyone to get close enough to realize that I in fact was imperfect. * self discovery on the spot*. So anyway time went on and wearing all black became the chic thing so I kinda just held onto it. The closest thing to color that I would wear was grey. So before I loose you, why am I talking about black when I have a white dress on? Well this is me breaking free of a comfort zone that I have had for about 15 years. All this time I would cringe at the idea of wearing color. It was black in and out of season. I am now working on embracing things in my wardrobe that make me uncomfortable like: white, color, shorts, off the shoulder, sleeveless or ANYTHING NOT BLACK. This is just a starting point as I am working towards shaking off all the comfort zones that I have built up in my life like: staying in DC, living at home, avoiding social settings or going places alone (a win: i frequently date myself to the movies) embracing smallness, etc. So this is me; Alexia, a gal in her late 20's trying to build a new foundation to live her best life! xx


  1. The filter of the photos is so nice, I love it! Your blog is so beautiful and I hope your audience will grow in the future because you deserve it!
    xx Ele | http://elewithlove.it/

  2. Here here. I would live in black too. I feel so safe in it and I used to be a goth.
    I wore a white dress probably about three years ago for the first time since a shop hand said I looked good in a white dress I had tried on.
    You look stunning. And I love the sunglasses too.
    Great that you are feeling comfortable in other colours too now!
    Set to Glow

  3. You look really stylish, dear! White dresses are a must-have in closets!

    xx Myrra,

  4. This and you are so beautiful. xx, Erin - www.stylebythepeople.com