July 8, 2017


Self love is such a journey. I honestly had to change my entire mindset in order to give in to the process. I've been wanting a quick fix but I am learning that it is going to take work to uproot the foundation of negativity and self doubt that I have laid over the last decade. It really starts with my thoughts. [ thoughts > feelings > behaviors]. I have done a really good job of allowing my negative thoughts to create negative feelings and negative/ self destructive behaviors to follow. So I have started checking my negative thoughts at the door. Until pointed out to me I never realized how detrimental our thoughts can be to our way of life. I can think of many occasions where I woke up thinking "today is going to be a bad day", which ignited feelings of drowsiness, depression and anxiety", therefore leading to behaviors like not giving my best at work, or staying in bed all day. Like I said self destructive.  Upon acknowledging this I am trying a new thing. (always about a new thing these days, lol). While on this journey to becoming my best self I stopped focusing on who I am now, but instead I speak on the woman that I want to be. What does she look like? So I made a list & on those days when I feel like I'm failing myself or in moments where my anxiety, self doubt, or negativity are trying to take over I speak on the woman I want to be. And when I say speak I mean out loud. Alexia you are confident. You are enough. You are a go-getter. You have purpose. I also challenge myself. Why are you anxious? What is the worse thing that could happen if you speak up, or share yourself with the world? And have you gotten thru this before? Such a big one. When you are going thru a challenging time it feels like there is no way you are going to come out on the other side. But just remember, you got thru it before. Is it going to be easy? Heck no! Are you going to be happy everyday? Not! But can this challenge help propel you towards your destiny, and best self? HECK YEAH!!! I tell myself this everyday, no one ever grew in their comfort zone. It's the times of great trials where we get to see what we are made of!!! Keep that in mind and just keep going! You got this! So heres my list, I hope it will inspire you to start working toward believing you are who you want to be!

My best self:
- No complaining here
- Letting God do His thing
- Smile more
- Embrace flaws
- Nobody has what I have to offer
- Kicking to the curb that which isn't meant for me
- Chasing those dreams
- What others think don't matter
- Authentic (I'm so here) 
- Identity in Christ alone
- Ain't no relationship gonna define me
- Kicking butt
- Depression and anxiety / what's that?
- Glass half full


  1. This was very encouraging! So often my husband and I would say "Maybe next year." For some things, that may be, but it's time to start making it This Year! God has been moving mountains on our behalf. We've been stepping out more on faith, and we're learning to trust in Him alone, and not others, or things. He created us and gave us specific talents and abilities. We need to use them for Him. Keep up the good work, Alexia! Be the Alexia He created you to be! I will be the Tamara He created me to be! :-)

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  3. Hi Alexia I loved your text and photos. Keep up the good work! You have everything to go very far in life and you seem to be very beautiful inside and out :) Kisses** Paula

  4. Wow, this is so powerful! I had to print our your list of "My Best Self" as a reminder for myself :)! Thank you for commenting on my IG (@TiniestOfDetails) and introducing me to your blog! So glad I came across this blog post, such a wonderful reminder and what I need at this time in my life! God is good :)

  5. Hello Alexia,i don't know what to say you are so beutiful and this pictures are so...,and this text I'm so into,i don't know what to say,i don't know how to descrab.It's so beutiful.

  6. Wow...It's so encouraging.I’ll be snagging a few of those to put into use ASAP.
    Thanks for this great article!

  7. Yes very empowering. I pray this restoration and vibe will spread throughout our nation if we love ourselves we can love others and bring love to our generation

  8. gorgeous look sweetie , love your style
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  10. Love this so much! Its so hard to stay positive but so necessary!

    xx Nicole

  11. Love the positivity! Great shots.

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  13. Great Post! I love the list! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  15. Hi, I came from Instagram to your invitation. I loved the post very encouraging, continue to carry messages of hope to people, so that they pose to find themselves in the self. congratulations.

  16. Loved the post. Very encouraging & inspiring! Thank you for sharing. I wish you endless happiness & love. Peace & Blessings Queen.