November 9, 2017


Inspired by Black Girl In Om podcast #25. Great are the things I wish I could tell 16 year old Alexia. My journey has been quite a journey but I accept (even embrace) my mistakes/failures as lessons. It has lead me to this very moment. I'm truly thankful that today I am living in my purpose, being intentional and becoming the very best version of myself But every once in a while 29 year-old Alexia needs the same push 16 year old Alexia did. 

Dear Alexia,
You are beautiful. Your heart is beautiful. Your flaws are beautiful. God was intentional when he made you. There ain't a person on this Earth quite like you. Do you hear me? You are one of a kind. You are unique. You are quirky. Do not change. Embrace it. Embrace your flaws. Embrace your weaknesses. Accept your weakness. Make them work for you. Don't let words change who you are. You were meant to be you. Only you. You are awkward and that is okay. Being awkward isn't the worse thing in the world. Not even close. You were not made to fit in.  You were made to be light. You are a healer. You will change lives. And you should never be afraid to stand out. Brush opinions off, they do not serve you. Approve of your damn self. You are perfectly imperfect. You are loved. Don't hide. Don't be timid. Walk in confidence. You are enough. Approach things head on. Do not stand in the shadows. Let the sun shine on your face. Your words are important. Use them wisely. But USE THEM. Speak up. Be bold. Have balls. Take charge of your life. Only you can accomplish God's will for your life. No one else. You have everything it takes to accomplish anything you want. You are an artist. Don't deny it. Don't suppress it. Let fear drive and not cripple you. Just go for it. You are incredible. Trust yourself. Follow your instincts. Chase your dreams. Do not procrastinate. Love abundantly. It will be your greatest teacher. Love your damn self. *repeat last line * Surround yourself with people who believe in you, uplift and challenge you. Don't doubt yourself. To hell with doubt. Be intentional. Be present. Be grateful. Buck up. Your were chosen for this journey. It will be tough but worth it. Know that you are going to make mistakes but you are not your mistakes.  You are not your failures. You failures are not an indication of your future. Don't take yourself for granted. Don't worry about looking stupid. Don't worry about failing. You are gonna fail. But you are going to pick yourself up. You are going to thrive. You are going to grow. Your successes will be greater than your failures. Look people in the eyes. Mean what you say. Say what is on your heart. Don't water it down. Don't chase people. Don't dull your light.  Don't sensor yourself. Be who you are and those that are meant for you will come and stay. Leave an impression. Demand what you deserve. Leave if you need to. Trust actions over words. Don't accept bullsh*t. Know your worth. Know that you are worthy. Never, EVER, EVER compare yourself to others!!!!! There is really no comparison. Be content in your season and with your portion. Wait on God. When I say wait I don't mean be idle I mean put forth the effort and trust God for the results. Oh and do not settle. Do not waste time on basic things. You were meant for greatness. Accept the responsibility. Forgive. Do not hold onto things. You are going to get thru "this", whatever "this" may be. It's not as serious as it seems right now. Go with your gut and stop overthinking and talking yourself out of things. Dream big. And dream bigger. I love you. xx