August 8, 2018


Just a few days ago I was listening to a podcast featuring Necole Kane, celebrity gossip blogger turned woman’s empowerment advocate. She got me thinking, a lot, about my mission on this Earth. Where I am as opposed to where I want to be. The impact I want to leave behind. You know all those things that you start thinking about when your thirtieth birthday is quickly approaching. Am I proud of the things I have accomplished thus far, absolutely but do I think I am firing at all cylinders, absolutely not.  I had heard Necole’s story prior to coming on this podcast; she left successfully career behind at it’s height to to start a new more fulfilling one. To take such a risk not knowing if it would pay off is beyond anything I could imagine doing myself. She made a decision, to live a full life was more valuable then how much money was in the bank. Taking risks is way beyond my character. I live for comfort and certainty. I go to work everyday, I know that on Friday I am going to get a check for X amount of dollars, and all my bills will be paid. I have lived with this certainty for 29 years. My junior year of college was the first time I realized that mediocrity was not for me. I was acing my courses but knew that what I was studying was not going to sustain/fulfill me. Like every other person that dares to try fashion, it was calling me. So I got my degree and swore I would pursue the burning desire in my heart to create freely. Each year since I have made promise after promise. Next year I will do it. But each year I found a new excuse. This must be paid, parents must approve, savings this much, what about this guy. It was never the right time. Eight years later I am still living in my hometown in a career that doesn’t align with my passion or talents. After having a major low point on my 29th birthday I had a huge decision to make. Did I want to be in the same place doing the same thing this time next year? Or do I want to risk it all for something that will be hard but more fulfilling and rewarding. Comfort or growth? Two months into this year I was still in a lull and by spring I knew I couldn’t continue to live this way anymore. So I chose. I would rather struggle for a dream than live in comfort doing something I know isn’t meant for me. Now peep this, there is a lesson in everything that we go thru in life. These last eight years were not wasted. I was certainly planted in each of my roles for a purpose. My time in this current role has prepared me to be the woman I need to be in order to step into this next journey. 

The big take aways from this interview:
  • Comfort does not produce progress 
  • You must be your biggest cheerleading, stop expecting others to believe in you
  • “What if I try and succeed” has to ring truer than “What if I try and fail”
  • Rejection is a blessing

As I have buckled down and spent the last 5 months saving and planning I have also spent a lot of time in my head with “what ifs”, what if this doesn’t work and I look stupid, but who really cares. Try, fail, try again! Repeat. That’s it. Every expert started at day one just like you, just like me. Also and this is important, you have to know who to allow pour into you. Its so critical. A lot of people are not going to understand why you need to do this. They are going to be practical. Give you practical reason why you should not embark on this journey. Most will shower you with their own insecurities - especially friends who don’t have the courage to take control of their own life. All sorts of negative vibes are going to flow your way. Do not let this discourage you. They mean well, but practical advice isn’t for you. Really take time to evaluate who you are going to share this journey with BEFORE you spread the word. Out of handful of people I shared my news with, only 2 or 3 were like YES, do it. Which is why I say you have to be your own greatest cheerleader! You know what you can do and the effort you are willing to put forth for your dream! You know what is in your heart. So once you decide, just go for it! Fear is for suckers! The journey awaits!

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